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Social Integration

Gramin Punarrachana kendra focuses on the villages for social integration and Dalit upliftment especially in the lives of pardhis, Laxmanis. The Pardhis who had been the untouchables because of their ‘criminal tribe’ tag has received our special focus through this project. Neither government agencies nor any development organizations ever try to uplift them but for the past seven years, we tried this where nobody had ever ventured. 

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Educational Awareness

This program included providing elementary education to their children through balwadis and support classes through organizing the women in SHGs and their economic development, health training for the kishoris, overseeing the functioning of the VEC’s, supporting them in their struggle for gairan land, etc. We focus on these programs for the betterment of society and social upbringing of poor and needy tribal people. We spread our educational drive on various parts of Maharashtra to know the value and importance of education in our day-to-day life.

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Social Awareness 

During this period GPK has been successful in creating meaningful rapport with the target communities and establishing participatory support structures in the targeted areas. Now, with the support of GPK and numerous other organizations working for the land rights movement, they are cultivating in the government gairan lands and gradually settling on these lands. This has helped to decrease their migration in search of employment and livelihood. The efforts of GPK in creating awareness about the education of their children are also gradually yielding results. The pardhi children in the target areas are continuing their education after being in GPK run balwadis and support classes

Kishori Mandal

This year, we included some boys also in the Kishori mandals since they expressed the  desire to participate in the health education classes conducted by us. Once in a week these adolescents gathered in the balwadi classrooms in the evenings for a one hour classes Conducted by the balwadi teacher. Apart from health topics they were also taught about the various government schemes, Right to Education, the Rights of girls, Panchayati raj, the process for village development, safe sexual behaviours, HIV/AIDS, etc. A total of 123 girls and 32 boys were part of this education.

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Bal panchayat/ Children’s Parliament

This is another project activity which we had been continuing and persisting in the past 7 years of the implementation. The bal panchayat helps in the character formation and self-discipline of the children. This has helped in the organization of the children and also using their positive energy in the betterment of the society in general. They are like the cleanliness in the vastis, celebrating festivals, etc. A total number of 155 children (116 boys and 39 girls) were part of the bal panchayats from the 10 project vastis/ tandas. 

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These children’s parliament is helpful in positively grooming the leadership qualities amongst the children. Children were taken to the government offices, panchayat Samiti, Post offices, Police Station, etc to teach them about their functioning.

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Celebration of Children

Every year, the children celebrate Independence Day on 15th August and Republic Day on 26th January, Gandhi jayanti on 2nd October in the balwadis and support classes. In fact, the children look forward to these National days to exhibit their talents and to participate in various games. Along with the parents and the education committee members of these celebrations have become a part of the balwadi activities.

Capacity Building Training

Gramin Punarrachana Kendra provides training for Capacity Building of support class/ Balwadi teachers. 2 separate training programmes for the balwadi teachers were conducted every year. These training have the duration of 4 days which are focused on building the capacity of the teachers. The first training programme was conducted between 15th to 18th June in GPK office at Kallam. Later we also organize follow-up training. 

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About Us

Gramin Punarrachna  Kendra is in kothala, Kallam, Maharashtra, India. We are a non-profitable organization working for the upliftment of Pardhis, Lamanis and dalits people in rural and remote areas of Kallam. There are so many villages where the ray of sunlight means the power of education did not reach even after 72 years of independence.

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