Balwadi Teaching/ Support Classes

Basically, all the children of Pardhis and other tribal groups are backward in education also. This is primarily because, most of the children are first-generation learners, parents are not serious about the education of their children hence lack of guidance from the family and seniors. Secondly, tribals have their own separate language, and they are unable to follow the school curriculum/teachings which are in Marathi.

Ever since the government took over the balwadis /or started anganwadis in the vastis we were concentrating on giving educational inputs through Support classes. Additionally, in the Pardhi/Lamani vastis we also continued with our own balwadis also.

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AIn 2019, a total of 48 children joined the government run Zilla Parishad Primary Schools, while 58 children joined the balwadis/support classes. All together 279 children received elementary education through our support classes and balwadi.  In previous years and now on we teach our children alphabets, nursery rhymes, numbers and other basics in English.

The nursery rhymes which are taught to the little children are:

  1. Sonu monu
  2. Head shoulders
  3. Five potato-vadas frying in the pan
  4. Two little hands go clap clap
  5. Hickory, Dickory, dock
  6. I hear thunder…. 
  7. Pitter-patter raindrops
  8. Lazy Mary, will you get up. 
  9. Engine Engine
  10. Here is a ball for baby
  11.  Butterflies, butterflies
  12. I am a farmer

The teachings we teach to our students are:

In English

Stand up please, Sit down, Stand up, Look at me, Show your left hand, Vowels/ sounds – a,e,i,o,u. Other English teaching included, Ending Sound, Short Vowels. Names of Animals, Household Instruments, Colours, etc.. 

In Marathi

Children were also taught Marathi alphabets, numbers, etc.  We teach Marathi though it is their mother-tongue. We teach them how to learn, read and write in Marathi.

In environment

Environment teaching also was included; trees, plants, insects, water, earth etc. We want to create awareness about environment among our students.

Moral Science

The stories of great leaders including Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, Jawaharlal Nehru etc were also part of the teaching curriculum.

The Tanda education Committees/ Vasti Education Committees continued to be active in this year also. They took an active interest in the educational progress of the children, the functioning of the balwadis/ anganwadis/ support classes.

About Us

Gramin Punarrachna  Kendra is in kothala, Kallam, Maharashtra, India. We are a non-profitable organization working for the upliftment of Pardhis, Lamanis and dalits people in rural and remote areas of Kallam. There are so many villages where the ray of sunlight means the power of education did not reach even after 72 years of independence.

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