Anant Kiran Center for HIV/AIDS children

In July 2007, the project (Anant Kiran – Bringing joy and hope to HIV/AIDS,  orphans) has started. The focus areas during the period under review continued to be housing, education, regular medical check-up and treatment, care and upbringing of the children. (The programme for building up HIV/AIDS awareness in the taluka through community rallies, school visits, street plays etc and Health Awareness, Education and Community Hygiene & cleanliness programmes which have been another important aspect of the project.

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Another important breakthrough concerning the project has been the support extended by the Japanese Government for Construction of a permanent shelter along with required infrastructure to house and care for the children. A total of 24 children (11 girls and 13 boys) have made Anant Kiran their home. Seven of them are below the age of 5 years and the rest are between the age of 5 – 14. 

All the children have been attending educational institutions. Seven children who were below the age of 5 have been attending the balwadi at Soneshwari Nagar, Kothala whilst the others attended the Zilla Parishad School at Kothala. The children did well in studies. The house mother who is an excellent teacher conducted tuitions for the children and motivated them also.

Till date, we had bought two computers to give computer training for the children. There was regular computer training imparted to them by one of our staff. Apart from academic studies, computers and training on improving the English language skills. Children were given training in gardening, dancing, street plays, various sports and indoor games too. Every Sunday there were lectures on moral values, religion, etc.

The health of the children is given the utmost care. There are regular occurrences of cold, fever, cough, etc. From time to time children are taken out for the administration of ART. Soneshwari Nagar, where Anant Kiran Centre is situated. This place is free of disturbances and children are in a free and safer environment too. The SHG women and some local traders and other ordinary people are supporting the efforts of GPK in rehabilitating these young orphans.

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Gramin Punarrachna  Kendra is in kothala, Kallam, Maharashtra, India. We are a non-profitable organization working for the upliftment of Pardhis, Lamanis and dalits people in rural and remote areas of Kallam. There are so many villages where the ray of sunlight means the power of education did not reach even after 72 years of independence.

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